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Frequently Asked Questions

Click the questions below for answers to some of our most frequently asked questions,

What Is A Tech Bootcamp?
Do I Need To Do A Tech Bootcamp If I'm Already In Tech But Want 6 Figures?
What Courses Do The Bootcamps Offer & What’re The Differences?
Can You Do Careerist Or Course Careers If You're Not In The US?
What Is The Tech Industry?
Can You Help Us With Product Management, Scrum Master, Data Analyst, UX/UI?
How To Choose The Right Tech Career & Bootcamp?
Should I Do Sales Engineering Or Tech Sales?
Do I Need Sales Experience To Be Good At Tech Sales?
Do Sales Engineers Sale Stuff?
Sales Engineer & Tech Sales Roles Explained
Are Tech Sales And Sales Engineers Paid Commission?
How Do I Get Hired At A Specific Kind Of Tech Company?
What Is The Work-Life Balance In Tech?
What’s The Pay For Sales Engineers, Tech Sales, Manual QA & QA Automation?
Will Tech Companies Fire You If You Suck At Your Job?
Can I Work 2 Tech Companies At The Same Time?
How Long Does It Take To Get A Job After Careerist/CourseCareers And Success Stories!
Do I Need To Have Experience, A Degree, Code Or Be Good At Math To Get A 6 Figure Tech Career?
Bootcamp Schedules And Can I Do A Bootcamp While Working A 9-5?
Will I Get A Remote Tech Job And Will I Have To Travel For Work?
How Hard Are The Tech Bootcamps?
What Bootcamp Course Is Good For Someone With No Experience?
What Age Can You Do A Tech Bootcamp?
Can You Do A Tech Bootcamp While Working? Bootcamp Schedules?
Can You Get In Tech If You’re A Woman, POC or Old?
What Are The Pros & Cons Of Tech?
What About Those Who Work In Tech But Don’t Make 6 Figures??
Do You Need A Tech Bootcamp To Get In Tech?
Can You Make 6 Figures In Tech Sales?
Can You Be A Felon And Get In Tech?
Where To Start After The Bootcamp?
What Other Tech Certifications Are Good Post Bootcamp?
Are You Guaranteed A 6 Figure Job In Tech?
Do The Bootcamps Offer Payment Plans?
Why Did I Trust Careerist And Choose Careerist Instead Of CourseCareers Or A Different Bootcamp?
Can You Work In Tech Or Be A Sales Engineer If You're An Introvert?
Do I Work For Tech Bootcamps & Am I Paid?
Is Tech Becoming Overcrowded And What About The Recession?
What Is Tech Sales?
How To Get A Tech Job By Networking At Tech Events!
How To Quickly Become An Executive Manager At A Tech Company
Tips For Video Interviews With Tech Companies
How To Get A 6 Figure Salary (According To A Microsoft Recruiter!)
How To Negotiate A Salary In A Tech Interview
How To Get A 6 Figure Salary According To A Microsoft Recruiter
How To Get An Interview At Your Dream Job!
How To Get Tech Recruiters To Respond To You!
How To Negotiate Your Salary (Explained By A Microsoft Recruiter)
Do This To Get Promoted Quickly In Tech!!
How To Delegate In Tech & As A Business Owner
What You Should NOT Do After A Tech Bootcamp
My Workday As A Sales Engineer
How To Change Jobs In Tech (QUICKLY)
Hiring Age Limits In Tech??
Here’s What To Do After A Tech Bootcamp
How Long Does It Take To Get A Job After A Tech Bootcamp?

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