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Unveiling Humane: Ex-Apple Employees Raise $100M to Revolutionize AI

Figure 1. Startup from ex-Apple team raises $100 million, works with OpenAI (Reuters, 2023). Retrieved from

Humane, a secretive AI startup founded by ex-Apple employees, has recently announced that it has raised $100 million in its latest venture round. This is a major milestone for the company and shows that investors are confident in the potential of Humane's technology.

Humane is building the first AI hardware and services platform, which will allow developers to create applications that use artificial intelligence (AI) to solve real-world problems. The company has already partnered with OpenAI and Microsoft to help develop its platform.

The goal of Humane is to make AI more accessible and easier to use for everyone. By creating an open platform, developers can create applications that are tailored to their specific needs without having to worry about compatibility issues or other technical difficulties.

Figure 2. Humane co-founders Bethany Bongiorno and Imran Chaudhri (Wiggers, 2023). Image Credits: Humane. Retrieved from

The funding round was led by Andreessen Horowitz, with participation from existing investors including Founders Fund and Lightspeed Venture Partners. This new round of funding will be used to further develop the platform and expand its reach into new markets.

Humane's mission is to make AI more humane by using it for good instead of evil. The company believes that AI can be used for positive purposes such as improving healthcare, education, transportation, and other areas where technology can have a positive impact on society.

This latest round of funding shows that investors believe in the potential of Humane's technology and are willing to support it financially. With this new capital, Humane will be able to continue developing its platform and making AI more accessible for everyone.






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