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Peeking into the Future: Meta's AR/VR Hardware Roadmap for the Next Four Years

Figure 1. Meta Reveals AR/VR Hardware Roadmap for the Next Four Years (Mustafa, 2023). Retrieved from

Meta, the leading AR/VR hardware company, recently unveiled its roadmap for the next four years. This roadmap includes plans to release its first pair of smart glasses with a display in 2025 alongside a neural interface smartwatch designed to measure brain activity.

The roadmap also includes plans for two tracks of devices in each category - one focused on consumer products and the other on enterprise applications. The consumer track will include Meta's Quest 3 VR headset, which is expected to be significantly smaller in size but perform almost twice as better compared to its predecessor. It will also feature Meta's AR glasses and a neural interface smartwatch that will measure brain activity.

Figure 2. A demo from late 2021 illustrates how Meta imagines AR glasses could work to let someone play chess with a hologram. Image: Meta. Retrieved from

On the enterprise side, Meta plans to focus on developing headsets with higher resolution displays and faster refresh rates. These headsets are designed for professionals who need more powerful hardware for their work-related tasks. Additionally, Meta is working on an AI-powered platform that will allow developers to create more immersive experiences with their AR/VR hardware.

Overall, this roadmap provides an exciting glimpse into what the future holds for AR/VR technology. With Meta at the forefront of this technology, we can expect to see some amazing advancements over the next four years that will revolutionize how we interact with our digital world.






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