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Get Ready for Tweets on Substack: Introducing the New ‘Notes’ Feature!

Figure 1. Here’s what Substack’s Notes feed will look like. Image: Substack. Substack is getting tweets — err, ‘Notes’ (Peters, 2023). Retrieved from

Substack is getting a Twitter-like ‘Notes’ feed, and it's shaking up the way we think about social media. The new feature, called Notes, is designed to let users share posts, quotes, comments, images, links and ideas in a short-form format similar to Twitter.

The idea behind Notes is to drive discovery across Substack. Writers can post short-form content and share ideas with each other and their readers. It's just more fun than the traditional newsletter format. With Notes, writers can engage with their audience in real time and build relationships that go beyond the written word.

Unlike Twitter or other social media platforms, however, Notes is subscription-based. This means that readers have to pay a fee in order to access content from certain writers or publications on Substack. This could be a great way for writers to monetize their work while still giving readers access to quality content.

Figure 2. You’ll be able to highlight text and “restack” it. Image: Substack. Substack is getting tweets — err, ‘Notes’ (Peters, 2023). Retrieved from

At first glance, Notes looks like it could be a great alternative to Twitter for those who are looking for a more private platform where they can connect with their readers without worrying about trolls or spammy accounts. It also gives writers an opportunity to make money off of their work without having to rely on ads or sponsorships.

Overall, Substack's new Notes feature looks like it could be an interesting addition to the world of social media and online publishing. We'll have to wait and see how it fares against its competitors in the coming months!






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