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Apple Watch's Noninvasive Glucose Monitoring Technology Reaches Exciting New Milestone!

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Apple has made great strides in its development of a noninvasive blood glucose monitoring technology for the Apple Watch. According to reports from CNBC, Apple has tasked a team of 30 engineers with developing this technology and it is now said to have reached a significant milestone. The technology is designed to allow diabetics to track their blood sugar levels without having to draw blood or use other invasive methods. This would be a major breakthrough for diabetes care, as it would make monitoring blood glucose levels much easier and more convenient. Apple's progress on the project has been impressive, with hundreds of engineers working on improving the sensor under Apple's direction. The company is reportedly close to creating a noninvasive glucose test for diabetics through this new sensor on its Apple Watch. This could revolutionize diabetes care, allowing people with diabetes to monitor their blood sugar levels more easily and accurately than ever before. The potential implications of this technology are far-reaching. Not only would it make life easier for those living with diabetes, but it could also lead to better treatments and improved outcomes for those suffering from the condition. It's an exciting time for Apple and its development of this groundbreaking technology, and we can't wait to see what comes next!





Gizmodo Apple Makes Strides Toward a Glucose-Tracking Smartwatch for Diabetics Apple has pursued the tech for more than a decade, and now the ability to track glucose on your Apple Watch could finally be on the horizon. Today at 9:32 AM (67 kB)


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